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Next Little Things: Sightings, King Gong, Chuck Johnson and more

on August 13, 2015, 12:00pm
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Next Little Things is a monthly roundup of limited-run, mostly experimental vinyl/tape releases reviewed by Grant Purdum.


Import records … is there an entity more sacred to the seasoned collector of vinyl and cassettes? While you’re trying to answer that, I’m going to detail an NLT crisis I’ve been having: Whether it makes sense to lean heavily on import releases that will be excruciatingly expensive for readers in the US to track down.

After much reflection, I’ve decided imports are needed to steep this column in the varied flavors it deserves, and this month we’ve got more for you than usual. From a welcome vinyl reissue of Alan Jefferson’s Galactic Nightmare to less well-known offerings from the Fort Evil Fruit (Ireland), Discrepant (whose release schedule this year is unparalleled), Trilogy, and Cruel Nature labels, if you’re looking to travel the globe without leaving your computer chair, we’ve got your back.

And now, it’s 18 (reviews) and life to go …

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