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Next Little Things: PUFF!, Gonzo, Puce Mary and more

on July 15, 2015, 12:00am
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Original artwork by Cap Blackard (Buy Prints + More)

Next Little Things is a monthly round-up of limited-run, mostly experimental vinyl/tape releases reviewed by Grant Purdum.


I’ve grown tired of all the mid- and end-of-year lists over the years, but at this point in NLT’s existence, I don’t see any way around it. Too many stunning releases eluded me over the first half of 2015; I’ve been a neglectful wretch. THIS ENDS NOW.

This grouping isn’t ranked or put into context in any way. If you’re looking for me to pontificate on these albums’ importance to Our Lady of the Year 2015, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

With that in mind, indulge in a thick brick of (mostly) untimely content 18 levels deep. Feels great to ignore the clock, doesn’t it?

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