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2014 Aux.Out. Writers’ Poll (aka Philzz Jop 2)

on January 01, 2015, 1:00pm
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I’m a person who likes traditions, and so I am again writing the intro to Philzz Jop on Christmas Day. But, unlike last year, I’m not going to shout out every participant. Rather, I’m just gonna thank a few special people who have helped make Aux.Out. tick this year.

Every article that we publish goes through a combination of Matt Melis, Michael Madden, and Michael Roffman (that’s a lot of M names!), and those three guys are invaluable in making sure that the stories on Aux.Out. are the best that they can be. They work pretty thanklessly behind the scenes, but, well, this is my chance to say thank you to them.

I also wanted to throw out a special show of gratitude to Sasha Geffen, my podcast co-host (and podcast editor and trusted friend), whose contributions to Aux.Out. are many and both seen and unseen. Also Alex Young, for giving pieces social media boosts that allow for them to be better seen and for his steady encouragement. And lastly our regular writers, like Robert Ham, Laura Studarus, Chris Coplan, Alyssa Pereira, Gary Suarez, and Hilary Saunders. Your steady work of high quality provides the backbone to this thing and makes my job easier.

Dan Deacon

Making this post is a labor of love and requires days of data entry. But it is not without its joy. In making it, I discover Kim Kelly’s 2014 seems unexpectedly countrified, I get surprised that Gary Suarez’s favorite album isn’t a rap album, I find out that Jerard Fagerberg is a Cat Stevens fan… And I dunno, I get joy out of the unanticipated. Part of me just gets a kick out of the fact that 32 music writers care enough to provide thoughtful responses to this poll. My hope is that not only Philzz Jop continues to grow next year, but that its growth is indicative of Aux.Out.’s growth. I hope that this core of writers continues to contribute and that we bring in new writers as well. I hope people keep bringing in excellent story ideas.

Hope. Ha, this is a crazy idea, because the question that the most people answered on this survey was about music giving them hope. People talk a lot about the problems with the music industry, but if it were hopeless, we wouldn’t all be here. Well, here is my hope: I hope you all have a happy new year. Thanks for reading.

-Philip Cosores
Director of Aux.Out.

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