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10 Albums About Aliens and Outer Space Every Music Fan Should Own

on January 07, 2021, 11:15am
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Editor’s Note: We continue our celebration of the life and art of David Bowie with our latest installment of Crate Digging, this time for 10 Ziggy Stardust-approved albums full of aliens and space travel that every music fan should own. Keep checking back all week for more new and reshared content reflecting on our favorite Starman. And, if you’ve missed anything, you can experience it all again here.

Space, as both Jean-Luc Picard and Elon Musk would say, is truly the final frontier. From the time humans could open their eyes and look skyward, we have been obsessed with getting to space, understanding it, trying to grasp the universe in our relatively simple terms. Space is still a mystery to the most informed astrophysicist, and that mystery has served as inspiration for music spanning decades. The wonder and joy of music coincides with that of discovery and challenge, lending itself perfectly to the wishes we make on shooting stars at night.

If we are never able to explore the farthest reaches of space as sci-fi would predict, at least the music made about space offers an experience just as expansive. With the aid of their instruments, voices, and true love for the unknown, the following artists created odes to space that still stand tall despite the years that have passed. After all, space is timeless — and so are these wonderful albums inspired by it.

–Clara Scott
Contributing Writer

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