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25 Most Anticipated TV Shows of Fall 2020

on August 28, 2020, 12:00am
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There is no god, but there is television. Hyperbole perhaps, but in these pandemic times, there’s nothing more comforting than turning off our social media and blaring the boob tube to blur out chaos and anxiety swimming around our head.

2020 has been nothing short of a garbage year, and while the collateral damage of the pandemic has certainly extended to entertainment, the television medium has been fairly obdurate. It’s there. It’s available. It’s always waiting for us.

Whereas we once complained of Too Much Television, we’re now relieved, particularly at a time when most of us are stuck home and bingeing whole series like the Lost Boys and their imaginary feasts. We want more. We need more. We’ll get more.

The Fall season is upon us, and television will oblige. We’re getting new shows, we’re getting returning shows, we’re getting limited series events, we’re even getting a number of live events. Somewhere in there is an election that can alter the fate of humanity.

Ahead, we’ve assembled at least 25 shows that we’re excited about. Excited? More like elated. These days, we put a lot of currency and stock into anything that can distract us for more than five minutes. These should all do the trick.

How long will this last? Will there be a dearth of content in 2021? Best to not think about these things right now. After all, the content continues, and we don’t want to test the will of our new god. Lest we be cast away into Hell that is reality.

Pass the remote.

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