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Zola Jesus Shares New Live Album Roadburn 2018: Stream

on May 04, 2020, 8:36am

Zola Jesus has shared the new concert album called Live at Roadburn 2018. Stream it below via Bandcamp.

Live at Roadburn 2018 is the first live LP from the artist born Nika Danilova. She had been invited to play the hardcore and doom festival Roadburn as part of a day curated by Jacob Bannon of Converge. The 12-song set covered music from throughout her career, but as you might have expected, it was heaviest on cuts from her rich 2017 album Okovi.

The music of Zola Jesus exists somewhere between modern pop and her darker, more gothic influences. This made her something of an unusual choice for the festival, and she addresses that during the performance before the song “Witness”. She said,

“Thank you for being in this room right now, I wasn’t expecting you guys to be here. I feel like the odd duck, which I’m thankful for. I feel like the odd duck at all festivals. I’m too poppy or too weird… As someone that’s super into metal and industrial and noise, and whose friends always play this festival, I’m really flattered. This next song is kinda slow, but you guys like doom, so this is probably more your speed anyway.”

Live at Roadburn 2018 will stay exclusive to Bandcamp until next Friday, May 8th, when it will receive a wide release. Also at that time, pre-orders will become available for the double-vinyl and CD versions.

In March, Zola Jesus spoke to our own Lior Phillips of This Must Be the Gig in a conversation about the coronavirus pandemic and the best ways fans can support musicians. She’s currently scheduled to play Psycho Las Vegas this August, and tickets are available here.

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Live at Roadburn 2018 Artwork:

Zola Jesus Live at Roadburn


Live at Roadburn 2018 Artwork:
01. Veka (Live at Roadburn 2018)
02. Soak (Live at Roadburn 2018)
03. Hikikomori (Live at Roadburn 2018)
04. Witness (Live at Roadburn 2018)
05. Siphon (Live at Roadburn 2018)
06. Wiseblood (Live at Roadburn 2018)
07. Bound (Live at Roadburn 2018)
08. Bound (Live at Roadburn 2018)
09. Remains (Live at Roadburn 2018)
10. Night (Live at Roadburn 2018)
11. Vessel (Live at Roadburn 2018)
12. Exhumed (Live at Roadburn 2018)