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Star Trek: Picard Streaming For Free on CBS All Access

on March 24, 2020, 3:35pm

Would you like to boldly go … anywhere else that isn’t your living room? Well, CBS All Access may have a solution for you. The platform is currently streaming every episode of Star Trek: Picard for free to non-subscribers.

For those interested, all you have to do is sign up for the streaming service and enter in the code “GIFT”. Then you’ll be free to travel the universe with one of the finest fictional captains of all time. Not too shabby.

It’s also perfect timing. The first season wraps up this Thursday, March 26th, and the network has already confirmed a second go-around. Granted, there’s no telling when production will start given the coronavirus.

Bingeing the show is probably ideal, too. In his mixed-to-positive review, Clint Worthington wrote, “It’s hard to judge an entire season of television off its opening act, but so far, Star Trek: Picard is off to a fine, if not engaging, start.” With nine — soon to be 10 — episodes at your disposal, you can warp right through any lulls.

Live long and prosper, folks.