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Björk, The Knife, and Fever Ray remix each other’s songs on new 12-inch: Stream

on September 06, 2019, 12:00am

In a game of remixed musical chairs, Björk, Fever Ray, and The Knife have come together to rework each other’s songs. Björk has put her own touch on Fever Ray’s “This Country”, while the other two have come up with different versions of the Icelandic artist’s “Features Creatures”.

“This Country” comes from Fever Ray’s 2017 record Plunge, but Björk’s really only concerned with the final refrain. Renaming the track “This Country Makes It Hard to Fuck”, the experimental musician turns it into a disturbing, dissonant industrial collage. She adds her own voice to Karin Dreijer’s, repeating the title with strained howls and hauntingly scratchy whispers.

Dreijer, meanwhile, also sings on both remixes of “Features Creatures”, which comes from Björk’s 2017 LP, UtopiaThe Fever Ray take adds some moody atmospherics, while The Knife’s remix goes down a more pulsating route that would work well on a cracked dance floor. Of course, both projects feature Dreijer (the latter alongside her brother, Olof), and listening to these two remixes side by side offers a fascinating look at her different musical palettes.

All three remixes will be released on a limited edition 12-inch vinyl on November 1st via One Little Indian. You can pre-order it here, and listen to the tracks below.

Meanwhile, Björk will bring her “Cornucopia Tour” to Europe later this fall, and you can find tickets here.

“This Country Makes It Hard to Fuck (Björk Remix)”:

“Features Creatures (Fever Ray Remix)”:

“Features Creatures (The Knife Remix)”: