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Mitski wins over your “Washing Machine Heart” in new video: Watch

on November 01, 2018, 1:25pm

Ambient pop stylist Mitski has released a new video for her song “Washing Machine Heart”, off her Album of the Year-contending Be the Cowboy

Filled with trippy chiaroscuro visuals courtesy of director Zia Anger (who also helmed Mitski’s video for “Geyser”), “Washing Machine Heart” features Mitski in a sleek, long-sleeved black dress, lighting matches and being generally enigmatic. It’s a haunting accompaniment to Mitski’s lilting run-on vocals, punctuated by catchy, bleepy synths in one of the stunning album’s most infectious earworms.

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Watch the video on YouTube below.

Mitski is currently on tour to promote Be the Cowboy through December (get tickets here). She spoke about the album, receiving accolade from Iggy Pop, and more during a recent appearance on Kyle Meredith With…, which you can hear below.

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