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Ben Stiller’s high school punk band, Capital Punishment, is releasing an EP of new music

on October 09, 2018, 4:42pm

Record Store Day has shared its full slate of exclusive releases for this year’s Black Friday event, which will unfold on November 23rd. Buried among vinyl releases of Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein’s Halloween Sounds Of The Upside Down and Weezer’s “Africa” cover is a 12-inch of brand new material from Ben Stiller’s high school punk band, Capital Punishment.

Last month, Stiller and the rest of Capital Punishment reissued their lone LP, Roadkill, via Captured Tracks. At the time, they teased that new material—recorded almost 35 years after the group split—was on the way. Comprised of five tracks, This Is Capital Punishment features brand new songs as well as a “remake” of Roadkill standout “Confusion”.

Pressed on translucent blue vinyl, the release is limited to 1,500 copies worldwide. Get more details here.