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The 25 Most Anticipated Films of Fall 2018

on August 28, 2018, 12:00am
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It’s been a loud, expensive summer. Box office records were demolished alongside entire cities, would-be hopefuls failed to take flight, and a Singapore family full of drama and a giant shark took over the final weeks of the year’s laziest days. 2018 saw Hollywood embrace old styles anew, from the unabashed romantic comedy to the winkingly in-on-it B-movie, and we wound up having a hell of a lot more moviegoing fun than we have in recent summers.

This isn’t to say that the upcoming slate of year-end releases won’t yield some fun along the way, but let’s be honest. It’s about to be Oscar time, and Oscar time means that some of the best filmmakers working today are on the way with new and challenging material that we’ll surely be having Twitter scrapes over for the next six months. Long-gestating projects butt up against new voices, recent contenders look to return strong with promising follow-ups, and at least one of those James Cameron movies that we all just sort of assumed had disappeared is actually coming out, even if it’s no longer by James Cameron anymore.

The air will soon turn crisp and the leaves crunchy, so let’s settle in and have a look at some of the movies you’ll likely want to see when your heater inevitably goes out at some point.

–Dominick Suzanne-Mayer
Film Editor


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