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Busdriver addresses sexual assault allegations

on April 26, 2018, 1:29pm

In February, Consequence of Sound published a report by Jessica Lipsky detailing sexual assault allegations made by musical artist Cult Days. She and a number of unidentified women recounted various situations with rappers Busdriver and Kool A.D., as well as electronic artist Zomby, that ranged from sexual misconduct to rape. Though requests for comments from all the accused men went unanswered, Busdriver (née Regan Farquhar) has finally spoken on the topic in a series of new tweets.

Busdriver begins by saying he’s experienced “life altering PTSD” over the last few months. He apparently plans on discussing the cause and what he refers to as “the Denton situation” “in hopes to give my future work more gravity for my dayones and allow you to support this act with new clarity.” The instance of alleged sexual assault involving Busdrive occurred in Denton, Texas.

He then goes on to claim that “all of my close friends are working class women (all of them),” and that they talk about “everything, everyday… so there hasn’t been a swinging dick around the compound in a year at least.” He adds, “So when I talk about power in the west, I take their wisdom and cold heart truth with me.”

Busdriver notes that he’s been dealing with the situation by turning to art, In particular, he refers to the scene in his Los Angeles home, specifically Betty Saar and the CalArts women’s program “The power of art is and ritual is immeasurable, I hope to show that truth in my own story so that you can find that for yourself if it’s missing,” he says.

While he doesn’t directly reference any of the accusations, or admit any guilt (or innocence), he does acknowledge that an investigation took place and that some kind of resolution would soon be on the way: “Don’t worry, the investigation just wrapped. You’ll get answrs and screenshot fodder soon.”

Find the tweets in question below, and read Lipsky’s original report here.