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Yas Queen! Trailer for Broad City season 4 is literally all of the things — watch

on June 05, 2017, 10:09am


It’s been so long since new episodes of Broad City were on the air that I baked a whole cake. Then I ate a whole cake. But the sugar binge is almost over, as the hit Comedy Central show will return on August 23rd (the as same day South Park, no less!). Now, the network has released its first preview of the upcoming fourth season, and it teases a 10-episode run that is going to go literally everywhere.

As Hannibal Buress’ Lincoln says in the trailer, “There’s only one Ilana Wexler,” and Ilana Glazer’s character certainly gets most of the singular moments in the teaser. She gets a job at a restaurant (B-rated, btw), wiggles a strap-on, has a threesome, and rediscovers her vagina (“Fuck you Trump! I’m going back in”). Abbi Jacobson’s Abbi Abrams, meanwhile, gets some botox, has sex in an uncomfortable place, flashes back to meeting Bevers (John Gemberling) for the first time, and gets offered a weed wand by a stranger on the street. Together, the dynamic duo travel to Florida, attend a high-society party, volunteer for Planned Parenthood, and trip so hard they become cartoons. Along the way, they run into special guests like Wanda Sykes and Steve Buscemi.

It all looks like it’s gonna be one hell of a ride come August 23rd, so check out the NSFW trailer above. Over the weekend, Glazer and Jacobson led a live read of Wayne’s World to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary; watch clips from the occasion here.