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Amber Coffman shares new R&B-infused single “Nobody Knows” — listen

on May 19, 2017, 12:14pm

Now that she’s no longer with Dirty Projectors, Amber Coffman is focused on her solo career. Her debut full-length, City of No Reply, is out June 2nd via Columbia, and from what we’ve heard so far, Coffman is going to be just fine on her own. Previous singles have included the sweetened “No Coffee” and the smooth “All to Myself”, each demonstrating a vibrant modern indie take on ’70s pop.

The latest track from the album, “Nobody Knows”, continues that trend, only this time with a bit of R&B flavor. Synths pulse like electronic breath as clopping block percussion keeps a steady, broken metronome pace. Over all that grooving pop, Coffman confronts that sui generis loneliness that we feel when a relationship ends. “Nobody knows how I feel/ Nobody sees my soul,” she sings out. “And when the wind blows/ I just want to blow away/ I want to say/ Goodbye to today.”

Discussing the song with Noisey, Coffman explained,

“I was in some short-term kind of relationship that ended, and I was spending a lot of time by myself. The chorus is ‘Nobody knows how I feel,’ but the truth about a song like that is everybody knows how you feel—almost everybody. Which doesn’t necessarily make it easier, but it’s comforting because it doesn’t make you feel so alone. I guess this is a theme throughout the album in a lot of areas—not exactly knowing how to face the day and face the world, and just being really uncomfortable in the feelings that you’re sitting in.”

Take a listen to “Nobody Knows” via Apple Music or Spotify below.