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Kellyanne Conway once tried her hand at stand-up comedy, causing everyone in the audience to bleed from their ears

on January 24, 2017, 10:30pm


Any time Kellyanne Conway is given a platform from which to speak, it’s safe to assume she’s going to 1) fill the air with a bunch of lies and 2) spin the truth into a web of total nonsense. Call it “alternative facts,” or the act of “disagreeing with facts”… at the end of the day, it’s bullshit, and more likely than not, she’s probably upset most viewers.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, but nearly 20 years ago, Conway (then known as Kellyanne Fitzpatrick) was already in the business of making audiences groan — as a terrible stand-up comedian. As A.V. Club points out, a clip of one of her sets has surfaced, and it’s 11 minutes of painful awkwardness and even more painful jokes about the media, being a pundit and a blonde, etc. Honestly, I could barely get past the early quip about why her leg was in a cast (someone told her to “break a leg!”) — I literally grumbled, “Oh god, no.”

To make matters worse, she closes her “funny” shtick by wrapping herself up in a feather boa and breaking into a jazzy song and dance number called “The Pundette Blues”, wherein she weighs in on topics like Monica Lewinsky and Newt Gingrich. There’s no skewing the truth here… the whole thing is, as her current boss would say, SAD!

Check it out above if you dare.