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The Best of the Tiny Fonts in Austin City Limits’ 2016 Lineup

on September 28, 2016, 12:00am
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This year’s Austin City Limits lives up to its reputation as a two-weekend festival that consistently brings in huge names to headline. Texas’ flagship festival booked Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, LCD Soundsystem, and others in a top line that rivals many of the major festivals around the country. What is surprising, though, is that for all the expected fodder that fills out the lineup, a truly stacked bill of fresh, young artists from around the world got buried in the small lines towards the bottom.

This year’s Tiny Fonts showcase was difficult to put together because of the breadth and depth of the lineup. Some artists, like the extremely talented Julian Baker and Lucy Dacus, had to be left out since we’ve covered them comprehensively in other festival guides, and if you don’t know to check them out by now, you’re just not paying attention. Others, like Domo Genesis, Kevin Devine, and Honne, didn’t make the cut because of how stacked this year’s lineup is. Boasting rising stars in rap, R&B, soul, electronica, and country, this year’s ACL delivers a wide variety of acts that proves the festival still has its pulse on the next wave of up-and-coming artists. Instead of going to Sixth Street and nursing that hangover until 4 p.m., do yourself a favor and make sure you show up to the festival early enough to catch some of these artists before they blow up.


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