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Officials investigating doctor who saw Prince twice in the weeks before his death

on May 11, 2016, 2:15pm

Local and federal officials investigating the circumstances surrounding Prince’s untimely death have a new focus as of this morning. According to search warrant documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times and Minneapolis Star Tribune (via CNN), a doctor named Dr. Michael Schulenberg has recently become the target of officials’ questioning.

The Minneapolis resident reportedly saw The Purple One twice in the last two weeks before his passing, on April 7th and then on April 20th, the day before he was found dead at his Paisley Park estate. Additionally, Dr. Schulenberg was scheduled to visit Prince on the day he died in order to deliver the results of an unknown test. It’s not apparent what the doctor was treating Prince for, but documents reveal that the medical practitioner had recently issued the music icon an undisclosed prescription, to be filled at a local Walgreen’s pharmacy.

Investigators are looking into the medical records of Dr. Schulenberg, as well as those of the clinic where he was employed until this past Tuesday. It’s unclear why he no longer works at said clinic, or whether it’s related to Prince’s death.

Considering opioids were found on the Paisley Park premises, many speculate that a drug overdose is to blame for the passing of the High Priest of Pop. Earlier this month, news surfaced that Prince was supposed to meet with addiction doctor Dr. Howard Kornfeld the day before he died. Meanwhile, late last week Sinead O’Connor took to Facebook to accuse Arsenio Hall of supplying Prince with drugs over the years. The late-night host and comedian promptly refuted those claims and slapped O’Connor with a $5 million lawsuit.