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Cast of Hamilton pays tribute to Prince with epic dance party — watch

on April 22, 2016, 11:50am

If there’s one thing Prince was always down for, it was a good ol’ fashion dance party. Hell, he threw one almost immediately after leaving the hospital last week. But while the Purple Prancer may never dance again, his fans will always keep his legacy alive in their feet and hips.

That includes the cast of the runaway Broadway smash Hamilton. After last night’s bows, Lin-Manuel Miranda whipped out a sheet of paper and began reading off the opening spoken words from Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”. In honor of Prince, the cast then broke out into a wild onstage dance party, inviting the audience to join in from there seats.

It’s a reminder that, of all the tributes that will undoubtedly pour in over the coming days, the best way to show respect for the late artist is to do exactly what he would’ve wanted us to do: get funky.