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Watch: The So So Glos’ new video for “Blowout”, a fourth-grade art project gone awesomely wrong

on March 10, 2014, 3:33pm

Brooklyn’s The So So Glos have shared a string of consistently fun music videos in support of their excellent LP Blowout.There was an action-packed short film for “Wrecking Ball”, a cute, kid-directed video for “Dizzy”, the New York City-centric “Lost Weekend”, and the clever split-screen visual for “All Of The Time”. Now, with their crazy and spastic video for “Blowout”, the band has fun with arts and crafts.

Using a collage of paper cut outs, artists Maddy Rojas and Alexander Levine created a stop-motion animation that references The Beatles and Street Fighter. Like the song itself, the video is messy, frenetic, and a whole lot of fun. Watch it below.